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John Piper offers wisdom for handling the issue of interracial marriage with a strong biblical perspective.

"Biblically, what the Bible stresses is 'don't marry an unbeliever.' The Bible doesn't stress or teach 'don't marry a person of another race,'" says Piper.

Discussion: Is interracial marriage accepted in your church? 

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Talk about it...

Roger Wilson

commented on Dec 17, 2011

Brother John you are right on target with this! I live in Alabama and have seen wonderful things happen when a church embraces a mixed race family despite the long history of segregation and separateness. A Christian heart that is sold out for Jesus will always trump differences in race and culture!

Matt Krachunis

commented on Dec 17, 2011

Do I even need to watch this video?? people are people!!! Christians who are racist are not worthy of the title.

John Gerlach

commented on Dec 17, 2011

Wow! Is this really an issue for the church in 2011? Where have I been? Get over it ladies and gentlemen. We have Kingdom work to do. There is no difference...

Carron Odokara

commented on Dec 17, 2011

I appreciate John Piper's answer to this topic. I am saddened to know that the church still wrestles with this matter. When will the church start to model the unity and oneness that Jesus prayed for us to have instead of the sinful division and separation that shows nothing of God's love to the world?

Samuel Stone

commented on Dec 17, 2011

Like, John Gerlach, who commended before me, I am also surprised that this is still an issue for John Piper's environment in 2011. I love Piper for his "meaty" theological sermons, but he seems to be surrounded by down right fundamentalists if this is an issue in his church or around his church. When it comes to women's leadership, he justifies his position from outside of the Bible, that women are not created to take the role of leadership in the church, like the does here with the birds. Why doesn't he apply the same logic for the homosexuals, since there are animals that are homosexual too?

Ricky Kennedy

commented on Dec 17, 2011

If the issue is truly about marriage and that to believers only, why the discussion about race. It seems we always have to bring up the racial issue. Let that alone and each to his own as God wills it.

Norman Dowe

commented on Dec 17, 2011

I think I understand why this is still an issue in 2011. The church has not repented of its racism. Instead, we have chosen to try to act "post racial" and let bygones be bygones. A fundamental part of repentance is acknowledging our sin and agreeing with God about our sin. Until we come to grips with our sin we are probably going to have to keep dealing with this issue. By the way, when I checked by Google news feeds this morning, it found a North Carolina church being sued for $500,000 for firing a white secretary because she married a black man. This issue should have been buried by the American a long time ago. Please let's address and then move on.

John Jackson

commented on Dec 19, 2011

Is this an American issue? In the UK this is a complete non-issue across all denominations. It would be alarming if it were.

Peter Walters

commented on Dec 20, 2011

It is sad that an issue like this would need addressing but that's the way it is let address it. I can't wait until the whole world is beige:)

Kim Lawrence

commented on Dec 22, 2011

I'm sorry but I don't completely agree with this article. While I accept and embrace a mixed race marriage it does not mean that I think it is for the best. Do you realize the difficulty that is sometimes involved with a mixed marriage There are times in which the cultures are completely different bringing more strain to the marriage. I have seen first hand the damaging effects of mixed races in the family and in the childrens lives. Disagreeing with a mixed mariage does not mean that a Christian is racist either. There are same race marriages which should never be entered into because of problems on their partners side. It may be a lack of maturity or a host of other issues which will create problems down the road. I personally think we have to be very careful about who we marry.

Ronald E. Vanauken

commented on Dec 9, 2023

While acknowledging that racism exists, even amongst "Christians" from the perspective of scripture, this is a non-issue . . . or should be seen as such. There is an abundance of genuine matters of concern that we need to focus on and not be distracted by trivial and inconsequential matters. If it is an issue for your congregation, however, then it is worth being addressed to set people on the right path.

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