Sermon Illustrations

“You shall not steal,” the Seventh Commandment. Not only do we not take what is not ours, we actually help to improve and protect the possessions and income of other people. I had this done to me a few weeks. I was finishing up something at home on a Friday, and Dawn came to pick me up in the car for our date. She had to run in the house and grab something before we went to the movie, so I gave her my keys so that we didn’t have to turn off the car. When we got to the movie theater, we got the spot of a lifetime, the first spot by the door. I parked the car, and we went in to buy the tickets and see the movie. As we were leaving, I asked her for my keys, and she told me that she had given them to me while we were driving. While we were driving, she placed them in the center unit of the car, which was an obvious place for me to see. I spaced out at her telling me this, too. When we got outside, the car was still there, and amazingly so after I saw that I didn’t lock it either. Love does not steal, even when it is easy to do so. It protects and watches out for the property and possessions of others.

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