Sermon Illustrations

It was a cold winter morning, as I prepared my coffee and sit at the kitchen table. I kept hearing this sound, as something was hitting the window. I watched as this little bird continually flew back and forth into my kitchen window. I thought to myself, "This poor little guy is going to freeze." So, I began to think, "What can I do to help this little guy?" I crumbled up so crackers, and walked outside. The bird flew and hid in the bush. The little guy was terrified. I went into the barn, took some hay, and made him a nice warm place. But he wouldn't come out of the bushes. I went back in to my warm house. A few moments later, I heard the pecking at the window again. This little guy was trying to fly through my window once more. I crumbled up some more crackers, and this time, I made a trail from the bush all the way to the barn where I had a warm safe place for the little bird. However, the bird wouldn't come out of the bush! It was terrified! It didn't understand that I was trying to help it. Then it hit me! "What if I could become a bird, only for a short time. To show this little guy that I was trying to save him, to lead him to the barn."

Jesus Christ did just that for us! When we were lost, out in the cold freezing, with no hope, he became one of us to lead us back, to show us He loved us, and was trying to save us!

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