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An Arkansas woman's stolen cash was turned over to police with a letter of apology from the thief who took it from her wallet.

Susan McNabb said she left her wallet, and the $160 cash it contained, behind at the Walmart store in Clinton, and when she returned a short time later, the wallet was still there but the cash was gone.

When she went to the local police station to report the robbery, she was surprised when the police informed her that someone had come to the police station and dropped off an envelope containing $160 and a note.

The note read, "To the lady who had left her wallet at Walmart ... please forgive me as I always strive to have integrity. I have failed miserable."

Police informed the Arkansas woman that the woman who brought in the envelope left without giving her name.

Ben Hooper, "Thief Returns Cash Stolen from Wallet with Apology," UPI, July 27, 2018.

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