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There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom. First, let us understand that there is no such thing as wisdom unless it pertains to wisdom from God. All other earthly wisdom is foolishness, according to God. Now that we have that straight, what exactly is the difference.

Well, my mother used to say, son 'you can't wash your feet with your socks on!' Sometimes I didn't follow what she was referring to. But, she was right in many ways. We try to push things up-hill when down-hill is where they belong.

You see, it's sort of like that. We get a little mixed up when we are referring to wisdom vs. knowledge.

'The horse must come before the cart!'

One must have knowledge for without it, there is no wisdom.

Remember this: Knowledge is the act of KNOWING and Wisdom is the act of DOING.

Using one's wisdom must rely on one's knowledge. They are inseparable. Like 'two peas in a pod' kind of inseparable.

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