• Pastor Randall Timblin

    Contributing sermons since Apr 29, 2017
Pastor Randall's church

Conservative Congregational Church of Hollandale MN
Hollandale, Minnesota 56045

About Pastor Randall
  • Education: BS Computer Science AE Electrical Engineering Ordained 2012
  • Experience: Preached in campgrounds all over the USA Third-year preaching at CCC Holandale, MN
  • One of my favorite illustrations: George Washington
  • Best advice given to me about preaching: Keep it simple and use the scriptures
  • Books that have had an impact: The Bible, Our forefathers, The Greatest Generation
  • Something funny that happened while preaching: Was baptizing in the river and we both lost our step in the current and went under
  • What I want on my tombstone: Good and Faithful Servant, Loving Husband, Father, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather
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  • He Will Soon Be Here

    Contributed on Mar 22, 2020

    Many disbelieve that He is not only NOT coming, but that He is but a myth. Look closely at the proofs He has given us.

    Matthew 24:25-31 INTRODUCTION We have discussed the PROOFS that God has presented to mankind often times as a warning of thngs to come, but not always. Remember that God gave us a sign that He called the Rainbow and it was not a warning but instead it was a promise...something that would provide more

  • He Is Coming

    Contributed on Mar 22, 2020

    Are we READY for it? Have we prepared ourselves? What will that Glorious Day be Like? Do we even care? Will we be left behind?

    INTRODUCTION We talked last week about our first PROOF and that are the signs that many of us ignore but none the less, they are there and they have been foretold by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself. The obvious question is "What will it take?" Why do we choose to be so blind? Of course, more

  • The Last Days

    Contributed on Mar 22, 2020

    Are we in or Fastly Approaching the Last Days (the EndTimes). Now is the time to be Watching and to be READY.

    INTRODUCTION Should the current threat of a virus pandemic threaten our inner being. After all, they are closing just about every store, every sporting event and perhaps eventually the stock market. This must be serious stuff. Are we all going to perish? Is this just like the movies were more

  • Lift Him Up

    Contributed on Nov 17, 2019
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    What does it mean to LIFT HIM UP? Does it have anything to do with GLORY? And what does GLORY mean anyway?

    John 3:14-15 The dictionary says it means to esteem or to hold up. To extol, to worship, to revere. I like every one of those words and YES they certainly apply to our God...would you agree? Which word is your favorite...if you had to pick only one? Mine is extol. It has a ring to it. To more

  • Dare We Be Great

    Contributed on Nov 10, 2019

    Hypothetically, if you were in a supermarket and someone asked you, “what does it mean to be great and would that be something you desire of yourself?”

    Would you stop to think what it means to be great and why this person would be asking, “me of all people?” Would we have to defer until we got home to check the internet or perhaps dust off our old copy of Webster’s…or would we have an immediate answer? Would our answer be any different if we more

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