Summary: Are we READY for it? Have we prepared ourselves? What will that Glorious Day be Like? Do we even care? Will we be left behind?


We talked last week about our first PROOF and that are the signs that many of us ignore but none the less, they are there and they have been foretold by our Lord Jesus Christ Himself.

The obvious question is "What will it take?" Why do we choose to be so blind?

Of course, that does not include all of us, for some of us are awake-- Some of us have our eyes open-- Some of us are ready. Is that you? I pray so.

So, let's look at our passages today and see what we can discern. From there we will talk about three very important points.


Matthew 24:9-14


Our three points this morning are: #1: What are the signs, #2: What do they mean and #3: What should we do about them


What are the signs?

First, there will be killing according to verse nine. Next there will be hatred because of one’s belief in Jesus Christ. Some will double-cross and be double-crossed. Then there will also be false-prophets.

Our love will grow cold. And last is that the Gospel will be preached around the world.

After these things, our Lord says that the end will come. Not may come…but WILL come.

These things can be scary at least…but they are not meant to scare…but to warn. These signs are a warning to those that would listen…but as we said earlier…WILL NOT.

Several times, Christ told us that many will have eyes to see but will not and ears to hear but also will not. It will be as though they are deaf and dumb.

So let’s put these into a list which we can take one by one and make some sense out of them:





Love turns Cold

Gospel World-Wide


What do they mean?

A... Killing. Who and why are there to be killing. Is it murder? Verse nine mentions opposition and the pronoun “they.” Who is they? I believe “they” are those who hate Christianity and therefore you and me. They will begin to round us up and bring us up before some self-proclaimed authority who will be our judge and jury. Many will be put to death for their belief…but many will stumble.

Who is this masked man? It would have to be the Anti-Christ or one of his cohorts.

B… Hatred. All nations will hate us. How could this happen? What have we done to deserve this? This, like the last one is hard to believe. How drastic the world would have to change that things like this would happen.

But are they really? Look at what has been happening in this country alone where Christians are labeled as “gun toting, Bible pushing...etc., etc.

Those on the left, would rather we on the right to die so that they and their cause should prevail. Thank God for President Trump. He stands in their way but that cannot last. He is limited to two terms and then what?

So you see, the hatred has already started. It is not on a world-wide least not yet...but it watch and listen.

C... Double-Crossing. Have you ever been double-crossed? It is pure evilness. It is like breaking a covenant. To be double-crossed, it means that one’s faith was misguided. Perhaps, it will be those who we deemed our best or good friends, who will do this deed.

It says that they will deliver us up...but to whom? They are those who have been persuaded to become treasons’...perhaps not only to us but to the nation. We are told that they have stumbled. Their faith was not that strong. Perhaps they will disguise themselves as Christians... as to get close to us.

D... False-Prophets. These false-prophets will arise... as if out of the woodwork. A false-prophet spews lies but what will they be lying about? They will be lying about our religion... our faith in Jesus Christ. They will lead the weak to stumble... to drop out of Christianity and join them and their cause.

Personally, I can see this happening already. Abortion is a woman’s right! God has no place in our government and schools! The Bible is full of non-truths. God is dead.

There are more but these are just a few examples of what is being taught to our young children and even our millennial(s).

E... Love turns Cold. Hasn’t it already? The opposite of love is it not? I believe that this means that there will be a lot less love in this world and a lot more hatred...a lot more evil... a lot less compassion.

People are living in the streets by the thousands. They have lost hope in humanity. Public officials make excuses and do nothing to help them. They live in their own garbage and feces. This does not epitomize love... but instead the opposite.

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