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Hating color is so lame

DNA is not the blame

If you’re a punk

Shooting junk

Or a hunk

Stayin’ drunk.

What you do with what you got

Is what makes you hot or snot

A bright star or a messy blot.

Quit hatin’ your perceived lot

Like your nothin’ but a Bot.

Don’t worry what you’re not

Show the world what you’ve got

Take a stand and find your slot!

You might win if you take the shot

But not by hangin’ on the lot

Or layin’ up in the cot

Smokin’ that funky pot

Quit actin’ like a tiny tot

Till your in that grave plot.

There is no one else to blame

If you’re not in the game.

All stories are just the same

The mirror tells the name

Of the one that’s lame.

Change that person’s fame

And get into the game!

RES 1/23/16

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