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I’m reminded of the story of a man born in the late 1800s. One of several children being the oldest, took care of the younger children and began to cook for them at a young age of seven yrs old.

His father died when he was young leaving him even more responsibility. He worked many jobs in his life, as I read his story I counted maybe 20 or 30 different jobs and careers he pursued throughout his life.

He became a ferry boat captain, a railroad conductor, a lawyer, a tire salesman, a gas station operator, even became a restauranteur for a while and served in the US Army.

Known for a man to have a temper and to have it flare up-quite often with those who did not agree with him, made chances for the success he longed for seem unattainable. Thus explains, all the different jobs he had.

After his failed attempt of having his own restaurant, he went into the business of instructing other people how to prepare and cook their food his way and that would make his name Colonial Harland Sanders and his brand Kentucky Fried Chicken, household names forever.

11 herbs and spices and after 73 years of endurance later, he sold his company in 1964 for millions of dollars.

The gift of endurance is an amazing gift of the Spirit that God gave to us. To be able to run our race and still have the optimism, hope and faith that no matter how things look or might turn out...they will turn out! And With Gods help, they will turn out for the absolute best!

Just like Colonel Sanders, you may have had a lot of adversity and things happen in your life. God would have me tell you, your best is still yet to come. Triumphs are within earshot and waiting ahead to amaze you!

Life may seem like a jigsaw puzzle right now with all the pieces in disarray. But God is putting them together and creating a beautiful picture and future for you that you cannot even imagine!

God will walk with you, run with you, have faith with you, even be there when you cry patiently collecting the tears and most importantly endure through the fire with you, all the way to the destiny He has had prepared and waiting on you even before you were you!

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