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In Bihar, India there is a man named Augustine Jubakumar. He leads a missions called Gospel Echoing Missionary Society. (Gems). In 2015 I had the privilege to visit India and teach in several bible schools and preach in several churches. GEMS includes schools, orphanages, bible schools, a hospital and many churches. Their annual budget is $12 million (Canadian equivalent).

Pastor Augustine and his wife have 4 biological children and 4 adopted children. The stories of their adopted children echo our adoption into God's family.

One child was about to be thrown into a river as a sacrifice to Hindu gods but was rescued and adopted.

Another baby was placed on the train tracks to be run over – but the train was late so the baby was thrown unto the trash heap in the city dump. Dogs came and chewed off her arm. Then the dogs started eating her toes. The baby was bleeding and near death. Someone took the baby and wrapped her in a very dirty blanket for 2 days and then brought the baby to the GEMS hospital. Her arm was amputated and she was nursed back to health. Pastor Augustine and his wife adopted this baby into their family. Today (2019) this young girl is 14 years old and doing great. Recently Pastor Augustine visited our church and home in St. John's, Newfoundland. He told us this story and showed us a picture of his adopted daughter.

Like this story of rescue and adoption, we have been rescued by Christ and adopted into his family.

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