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The elder son of an old farmer left home and traveled to New York. He went there to attend a notable Butcher’s College. After graduation, he returned home only to find his father in the middle of hog killing and cutting.

He asked his father if he might help him. The father replied: son I’ve been killing and cutting up hogs, long before you were born.

Finally, after some persuasion, the father gave him permission to help. The father could only get a side, some ribs, ham hocks, pig tails and feet, and of course chitterlings.

The son took his side of the pig; and placed it on the table. And in a short while started cutting out pork chops, bacon, spare ribs, ham hocks; loin roast, tenderloins; shoulder blade steaks, picnic steaks and those other delicacies, with just the father’s hand tools.

The daddy came over to his table and saw what his son had done, asked him with great amazement: boy where did you find all these cuts? The son replied: daddy they been in the hog all the time; I just recently learned how to cut 'um out!

Cutting right the word of truth, 2 Timothy 2:15; 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

It’s been in the bible all the time; we are just now learning, how to cut 'um out!

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