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Her name was Susan, she was an outcast. When I met her at the ER she had attempted suicide twice in the past 24 hrs. The doctor was doing his interview of her while I sat and watched. She was nervous, twitching and fidgeting as she answered his questions. While this was going on I was praying. My prayer was simple, why am I here Lord. He answered me just as Jesus answered Simon, “Do you see this woman?” I then looked and saw a woman, outcast, unloved, desperate, alone, hurting, and despairing. I also noticed she was clutching a chain around her neck. When she opened her hand she showed she was clutching a cross. When the doctor finished, I asked if I could stay for a few minutes. The doctor agreed and stopped the police from coming in. I asked her for her name, she told me. I said you must feel very alone right now, she said yes, she cried about how she felt alone, scared, unloved. I asked her if she believed in Jesus, she said yes, but she felt even...

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