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One year, a bunch of friends and I decided to go to a sunrise service at a super fancy church. This church looks like a European cathedral and we were all dressed up for 5 a.m. singing around a huge fire outside and then going inside for service. Everyone had candles and the whole service is by candlelight before the sun rises.

I ended up in a row with two friends… Surrounded in darkness by people wearing fancy hats for Easter, I made it through about two songs before I heard an odd crackling and sizzling sound coming from my left.

The sound guy, who was positioned a few rows back, yelled “your hair is on fire!” I panicked and froze, couldn’t speak, and could only manage to hit my friend in the shoulder to notify him of the situation. He then proceeded to put the fire out by slapping my hair in his hands. My other friend was high pitched laughing uncontrollably and was useless.


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