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A retiree in Florida phones his daughter in New Jersey and says, “Honey, I have bad news for you. Your mother and I have decided that 52 years of marriage is enough. We’re calling it quits and getting a divorce.”

His daughter yells, “Are you crazy? What the heck are you saying? We're not going to let you do that!”

The father says, “No, we’ve had enough. We’re getting tired of the same old routine and looking at each other every day. I don’t want to talk about it, so call your brother in Detroit and let him know.” And the Father hangs up on his daughter.

Panic sticken, the daughter phones her brother and drops the bomb about their Mom and Dad.

“No way, no WAY!” shouts the brother. “This will NOT happen! Stay by the phone. I’ll talk to them and handle this. I''ll call you back as soon as possible!"

The brother phones his father and says, “Dad, Sis just told me you’re getting a divorce. That’s CRAZY! No way we’re gonna let this happen to you and Mom. We’re both booking planes tonight and flying down there to Florida in the morning to sort this out. Listen, don’t do anything till we get there and you hear me out! Promise me, Dad.

Don’t do ANYTHING!”

The old man agreed. He turned his cell phone off with a smile and then said to his wife, “Ok, It’s all arranged, Sweetheart. The kids will be here tomorrow for Thanksgiving and, best of all, they’re buying their own plane tickets!”

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