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1. We make small decisions all the time, and they can affect the direction of our lives. Take this true story: “When I was a kid, my mom, my cousin, my sister, and I were all about to go to my great grandma's house from my grandma's house. It was not a far drive so my mom allowed my sister who was 11 at the time to sit up front, leaving my cousin and I in the back. My cousin chose the window seat behind the driver. For some reason I felt a need to sit in the middle instead of taking the other window seat. 2 minutes into the drive, a woman who was clearly not paying attention, slammed right into the back seat of the car where I chose not to sit. Fire fighters later told us if anyone had been sitting there, they would be dead. Instead, all four of us walked out with 2 bruises and a scratch” [source:].

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