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I once read a lesson about this man, Simeon, he was a shepherd that lived in 390 A.D. He saw how corrupt the world had become. So he decided to LIVE ABOVE ALL THE EVIL and CORRUPTION. So he built a 6 feet tall pillar to be above the evil world. He built a little area and he lived on this pillar. He saw he could still see everyone’s evil and corruption. So he built several higher and higher columns. He finally achieved a pillar 60 feet high with a small platform on which he lived. He built a tiny perch and built a railing around his perch. He had very little comfort above everyone else. The railing kept him from falling while he slept. He was above all the stupid people and silly problems. Simeon lived on top of this 60 feet high perch to avoid man’s corruption. SIMEON FELT HE WAS LIKE A CANDLE ON A CANDLESTICK SHINING OUT ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE. SIMEON LIVED ON TOP OF THIS PILLAR 30 YEARS… He died on September 2, 450 A.D. What a wasted life. SIMEON MADE the choice to live ABOVE EVERYONE ELSE. Simeon wasted many years to live above the corruption of the world… IF HE HAD GOOD VISION HE COULD HAVE SEEN LIKE JESUS AND WALKED AMONG THE PEOPLE AND MADE A DIFFERENCE AND HELPED OTHER PEOPLE… It appeared this man’s vision was like a blind person?

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