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As we approach the last of the last days, we see an alarming trend among many pastors to drift away from the basic truths of Scripture. We should not be surprised. Jesus promised this day would come (Matthew 24, II Timothy 3). So, how do we know for sure from Scripture that Jesus is the very Son of God? Here are a few good places to start!

1. He was called God by personal witnesses (John 1:1).

2. Divine worship is attributed to Jesus (John 4:10).

3. He is called the Creator of all (John 1:3).

4. Divine attributes are possessed by Him (Matthew 28:18).

5. Miracles were performed by Him (Mark 1:40-45).

6. Jesus fulfilled all prophecies concerning the Messiah (Micah 5:2).

7. Jesus claimed to be equal with the Father (John 10:30-32).

8. Jesus rose from the dead to prove His deity (Matthew 28).

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