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TELL THE STORY OF THE COD… There was a favorite fish along the east coast. It is the COD. The cod was so tasty and it was a favorite dish along the coast. So the market expanded but something was lost in the shipping. The frozen cod was mushy and tasteless. So they began shipping the cod alive in the sea water. Still the COD WAS MUSHY AND TASTELESS. THE CASH MARKET WAS WIDE OPEN… BUT SOMETHING HAPPENED TO THE FISH.

Cod has one natural enemy, THE CATFISH. Somehow in the shipment of the COD there were a few catfish. THE COD WAS TASTY AND SO GOOD. Shipping the COD with the CATFISH somehow made the COD STAY FRESH. The COD became popular around the USA, because the CATFISH, THE ENEMY CAUSED THE FRESHNESS TO STAY IN THE COD?

Sometimes God uses the negative to keep us on our knees and stay fresh before God.

His servant, Wade Martin hughes, Sr.

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