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A lady purchased a parrot whose previous owner had taught him profanity and decided that she would reform him. The parrot learned a number of Christian words and Bible verses to replace the cuss words. However, the owner caught him cussing one day and grabbed him and said, "I'll teach you to never talk that way again!" So she put him in the deep freeze and slammed the door.

A few minutes later, the owner took the parrot out of the freezer and asked, "Have you learned your lesson now?" The little bird shivered and replied, "Yes', Ma'm."

After a couple of months, the lesson was forgotten and the little parrot was caught saying cuss words again. The owner returned him to the freezer and left him in there for a long time. The little parrot almost froze to death. The owner took the bird back to his cage to let him thaw out. When he began to move a little bit, she asked him again, "Did you learn your lesson this time, buster?"

The parrot said, "Yes, Ma'm, I sure did!" Then he just sat there in the cage quietly for a few more minutes shivering and thinking about what just happened to him. Then, the parrot looked at his owner and said, "Ma'm, may I ask you a sserious question?" The owner answered, "Yes, you may."

The parrot thought for a moment and then said, "I thought I knew all of the bad words there were in the world.....but just what exactly did that turkey in the freezer say?"

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