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A speaker in Colorado was about to address a gathering of businessmen and women. Sitting a the head table, he turned to the real estate salesman on his left and said, "So, how are things going for you?" "Terrible," he answered. "Haven¡¯t you heard about the strikes? 80% of the people in this town are employed by just 2 firms and they are both on strike! Business is horrible. I haven't sold a piece of property since the strike. I don't even have any listings. I've had to lay off 3 salespeople and if things don't turn around soon, I'll go bankrupt."

He turned to the saleslady on his right and asked the same question. She said, "Haven't you heard about the strike?" "°Yes," he answered. Then she went on. "Business couldn't be better. Since the strike I've sold more houses than ever. And if the strike continues for a while, I'll be rich!" "How's that," the speaker said. "Well, you see, I figured that since the folks were on strike, that they would have lots of time to search for their dreamhouse. And I reasoned with them that when the strike is settled, they're going to get a nice raise. Enough to purchase the house they've always wanted."

God is very optimistic with regard to the human race. After all, He invested His life for us! We ought to imitate Him.

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