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73% of Christians believed it was their responsibility to share their faith.

Yet only 52% of them had actually shared their faith at least once with someone in the last year.

Millennials were the only age group where the percentage of those evangelizing was increasing.

Only 29% of unchurched, unsaved Americans has ever had another American Christian to share with them how they can know Christ and have a home in Heaven.

The unchurched say they’re open to having religious conversations. Close to half of unchurched Americans (47%) say they would discuss freely if someone wanted to talk about their religious beliefs. Another 31% would listen without actively participating.

While 47% are open to general religious conversations, 79% of the unchurched say they don’t mind their Christian friend talking about their faith. Few (23%) think their Christian friends talk about their faith too much.

- Precept Austin

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