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Several years ago a movie came out called “Death Becomes Her”. I don’t recommend it. It was dark humor at best, but the few funny parts weren’t worth the cost of the movie rental; much less, a theatre ticket.

But the basic premise of the movie turns out to be a great illustration of the condition of all mankind outside of Christ.

Here is a summary as brief as I can make it: two very vain women want to stay looking young forever. So they accept a potion from some mysterious voodoo-type woman, and drink it.

What the woman doesn’t tell them, is that when they die their bodies will stay animated, although they will then begin to decay.

Obviously, early in the movie both women meet an early ‘demise’. After that, no matter what happens to them they stay animated (‘alive’, if you will), but the damage done to their bodies by falling down stairs, or getting shot, or whatever, stays. As the movie progresses they are using more and more makeup to cover their decay ~ reattaching limbs with glue, or whatever,...not dying, but forever dead.

Like I said, the movie is supposed to be a comedy. But don’t laugh.

Because in reality, this is all of mankind in the eyes of God. We are trying to preserve by natural means what is already dead. We are dead in sin without the righteousness offered in Christ Jesus. We can try to...

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