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A friend gave me the illustration of a man in a rowboat to describe salvation.

He told about a man rowing a boat across a lake. In one hand was the oar of faith and in the other was the oar of works. He explained that if he was only rowing with the oar of faith, he would go around in circles. Likewise, if he was only rowing with the oar of works, he would do the same.

It was only when he used both oars that he was able to row across the lake and get to his destination.

He then said to me, "Now, doesn’t that make sense?"

I had to agree it did but was still troubled by what he had told me. I went straight to my pastor and told him what he had told me. I’ll never forget what my pastor said to me. He said, "You go back and tell him that his illustration makes sense, but there is just one problem with it. We are not going to Heaven in a rowboat!"

- Precept Austin

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