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The little boy walked home from Sunday School and the family were sitting around the old pot-bellied stove talking. The boy told his dad and Pa about the lesson. The boy was so excited. He told them he had gone to the altar and accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. The boy said he was going to live the rest of his life for Jesus. The old grandpa said: Grandson it is impossible to live a life for Jesus. It is just too hard. The boy lowered his head and sat in the corner. After a long silence the lad came back and said Pa, I am going to live for Jesus for a year? The old man said Boy that is impossible, you can’t do it. The boy went back in the corner. After weighing the situation the grandson said Pa, how about a month? No, you can’t do that either. The boy said well how about a week? NO! A day? NO! The boy sat a long time and he came back and asked: PA, CAN I LIVE FOR A MOMENT FOR JESUS. The grandfather said YES! Yes, I think you could for a moment! The boy jumped up and down in excitement. He then said: PA, I AM GOING TO LIVE FOR JESUS THE REST OF MY LIFE… MOMENT BY MOMENT!

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