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CONCLUSION: There was an old frog that gathered the little tadpoles around him to teach them a lesson about endurance and persistence. He told of the farmer and his wife that had milked all the cows and set the milk cans out by the road. He told how the frogs loved to jump up and sit on top of the cans and watch the cars go by. That day the farmer’s wife had forgot to put the top on one of the milk cans. So when the two frogs jumped up there, they both fell deep into the milk. They tried but could not get out. They kicked and kicked for hours. Their muscles were cramping. The one frog said: THIS IS USELESS, WHY FIGHT IT? The other frog said: WE CAN’T QUIT, WE WILL DIE. They kicked a little longer and the tired frog sank to the bottom of the milk can. Later a few bubbles and the frog just quit and died. The old frog had the tadpoles attention. THEY DEMANDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER FROG. The old frog put back his shoulders and said: I WAS THE OTHER FROG. See, you tadpoles would not be here today if I had given up. He said, I learned to quit jumping to the wrong milk can. I learned you must kick and kick and kick. Soon the milk thickened and turned to butter. I jumped out of the can and here I am today. The old frog said: THERE WILL BE MANY OBSTACLES IN YOUR DAILY LIFE. DON’T LISTEN TO THOSE THAT SAY QUIT… WHAT’S THE USE… JUST KEEP KICKING. You can do it if you want to… JUST KEEP KICKING. QUIT COMPLAINING AND KICK!

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