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A Christian woman went into the local pet shop to buy a parrot for company. She selected a beautiful bird, but the pet store owner said he didn't think that she'd be happy with this particular parrot because he had belonged to a salty old sailor who used very bad language.

She replied that she knew with love and care she could break the bird of his bad habits and have a wonderful companion.

Well, the bird was not about to be broken of his bad language and the woman had to hide him in the spare bedroom every time she had visitors. Finally, in desperation, she told the bird that she was going to put him in the freezer for 10 minutes every time he used his bad language.

Sure enough, in just a short time, the old bird let out a string of ugly words. So, the woman put the bird in the freezer for 10 minutes as the bird was screeming his head off. After just a minute or two, it got very quiet. Afraid that something really bad had happened to the parrot, the woman opened the freezer door.

Out stepped the parrot shivering and, yet, with the most polite language: "Excuse me for my poor behavior, ma'm. I regret any unpleasant moments that I may have have caused you and promise to never use improper language ever again."

Well, the woman was thrilled to hear these promises by her parrot and was about to say so, when the bird interrupted the lady to say, "By the way, ma'm, if you don't mind me asking, but what in the world did that big turkey in the freezer do?"

- unknown

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