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What is the most important part of Christmas?

What do we celebrate each year?

Is it the change of heart we notice in people?

Is it the spreading of Christmas cheer?

Is it wishing for falling snow flakes?

Is it picking out a Christmas tree?

Is it the laughter of little children?

Is it people singing so merrily?

Is it the gifts wrapped so gaily?

Is it tinsel, ribbons or bows?

Is it the holiday decorations?

Is it Christmas music or mistletoe?

Is it that kind old gentleman dressed up in gold and red?

Is it snowmen or jingle bells?

Many thoughts race through our head.

Christmas means different things to different people and that is plain to see,

but the most important part of Christmas is C - H - R - I - S - T!

© Loyd C. Taylor

This is a shape poem. I fashioned this into a beautiful picture with the words shaped like a Christmas tree, it is suitable for framing. I have that available on my website ( should you like a copy, or I could email one to you. Merry Christmas!

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