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I was reminded of just how much God does to preserve his TRUTH this week. A wee little voice on the telephone answering machine said, “I think you’ll want to read the Newspaper today. There’s a front-page story that you don’t want to miss. Here it is – on the front page of the San Antonio Express: An Ancient Link to Jesus? The story tells of an ossuary – a burial box used to hold the bones of the deceased - was discovered. There is an inscription on that box that reads: “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.” God brought evidence from nearly 2000 years so that we, and the rest of the world, could be reminded of that Name! There it is – on the front page of the San Antonio Express – Jesus.

You see, beloved, God won’t permit us to forget that Name above all names – Jesus. He won’t permit us to forget the TRUTH: That we need forgiveness. That Jesus came to offer it to us and set us free. If we forget, Jesus said – the stones will cry out – or the ossuaries will proclaim it.

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