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We will find that sometimes that there are people who have not been healed because they have not forgiven someone. A person who has not forgiven another could wind up being physically sick or sick in spirit and attitude or even both. There is the story of a young lady who had anaemia and the doctor who was working with her had tried to treat the illness for months without any success. Referrals were made to other doctors. Again, a blood sample was taken only this time, the results were different. The blood count had changed. Records were kept of every visit and every blood sample. Second guessing himself without finding an explanation to what was going on, he was puzzled that now the results of the latest blood sample were different. Procedure had been followed to the letter. The doctor was still trying to figure out if an error had been made somewhere. "He returned to the patient and asked her, "Has anything out of the ordinary happened in your life since your last visit?" "Yes, something happened," she replied. " I have suddenly been able to forgive someone against whom I bore a nasty grudge; and all at once I felt I could at last say, yes, to life!" "Her mental attitude was changed, and the very state of her...

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