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Chris had a vision to share the gospel with every student at Dunwoody high school. Problem was that Chris was a skater and had very few friends. But he did have a great dream. Mark grew up in Miami with his mom. His folks split up and he moved to Atlanta, when he became a teen be fell to alcohol and drugs and was failing out of school. His mom gave up by the end of 10th grade and sent him to live with his dad in Atlanta. His first day of school he had an attitude that was pretty thick. But he was greeted by a kid named Chris.

No matter how tough Mark pretended to be. Chris was not put off by it. Chris befriended Mark. One night after they were listening to music, Mark opened up his life and admitted that he was mad at the world. When he finished Chris just a 17 year old high school student, told about the love of God and how Christ died for him. He told about his youth pastor and the next Sunday Mark showed up at church and joined the youth group

The school year came and went. Christ graduated and went to college.but he never got the chance to tell all of his classmates about God. Meanwhile, Mark had one more year at Dunwoody high school. One Wed. Night Mark came to the youth group and said that he had been asked to speak to his whole student body during the Arrive Alive assembly. Normally they asked people who had gory stories to tell. Head on collisions - things like that.The idea was to motivate students to be careful while they were on spring break.

Mark thought, do you think I should tell them the whole story. And he did. After 30 minutes of car wrecks and life threatening injuries. He said people were tired of hearing other peoples stores and clapped politely. He stood up and said when I first came to Dunwoody high school I hated everything and everybody. He talked about life in Miami, his anger his experience with alcohol and drugs. You could have heard a pin drop except his heart was beating so loudly. Then a guy named Chris Folly introduced himself to me. And invited me to his house. I told him about how I hated life and everybody and he listened. And then he told me that Jesus loved me. And explained how he died on a cross for me. He said I could be forgiven. And that night I prayed with Chris and my life was changed. Everything hasn’t been easy since then. I still have struggles, but I don’t have to face them alone. If you have any questions I would be happy to talk to you about them later.

He put the mic down and walked back to his assigned place and the whole student body stood and applauded and cheered for what must have been several minutes. And then it dawned on everyone. This was all about Chris, Chris had the chance to share Christ with the whole student body.

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