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Out of those missionaries comes another name to mind, that of Jack Hetzel. Another name commonly heard throughout the Frankfurt area. Having a choice to remind in the States, or go abroad...Jack, being a man of vision, decided to go to Europe and there began a missionary ministry for our Service men and women, and also started a ministry for the German people in the area. Through his ministry, many have been saved, and brought to a complete knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many from all denominations have gathered together to praise God for his mighty out-pouring in the Frankfurt area.

Once a mighty man of God said while returning from one of his crusades in Europe, "But I have been shocked to find that while I have been evangelizing the world - the pagan - the heathen. Atheistic forces have been enslaving the minds of my own people. Now, I come home to find a new generation of wonderful youth becoming educated pagans. Now, our own youth are saying, ’Where is God? If there is a God, prove it!’"

How many times this has been happening! Our missionaries abroad are giving their lifes to proclaim this wonderful gospel of Christ, while we, here at home, are forgetting Christ. We are becoming bored with the message!

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