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2002: a busy year for those who help in times of disaster

With barely two weeks left in the year, only six of the 50 states have

not needed what the American Red Cross calls a large-scale disaster

response, a new report says. The agency says, however, that 93 percent

of its responses are to house fires. The top five Red Cross responses

for 2002, based on severity of damage and size of area affected, with

the cost (in millions) of providing shelter, meals, crisis counseling,

medical attention, financial help, and other services to needy families:

Hurricane Lili/tropical storm Isidore (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama)

$15.8 million

Texas floods/tornadoes 13.5

Western wildfires (Arizona, Colorado, California, Oregon) 8.1 Veterans Day tornadoes (Ala-bama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee,

Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania) 3.7

Typhoon Chataan (Guam) 5.4

SOURCE: US Newswire. CITATION: 12/17/02 News Headlines from The Christian Science Monitor

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