6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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The Christian just keeps right on moving and triumphing over life and glorying within tribulation, enduring longsuffering within and attitude of joyfulness. Perhaps this has never been portrayed more graphically than in the movie “The Hiding Place.” The true story of Corrie Ten Boom while within a concentration camp north of Berlin, Germany. Here are her words. “Far away from my home in Holland, the barracks where we lived, my sister Betsy and me, now was to be within the shadow of a crematory. Everyday about 600 bodies were burned there while yet alive. When I saw the smoke go up in the air I asked myself, “When will it be my time to die?” I did not know before hand that I should be set free by a miracle from God, a blunder of man one week before the Germans killed all the women of my age.” She says, “I have looked death in the eye not once, but several times. When you see death within people’s eyes, you wake up to the reality that the next one could be your own death. What a joy it was that Jesus was with me and that I knew that He had died on a cross for all the sins of the whole world and also for my sins as well.

Now listen to these words! “I was not afraid! I knew that when they killed me I would go to the Father within heaven. How can we know how rich we are in Jesus and his abiding presence? By looking at the cross. Sometimes in that terrible concentration camp we had to stand naked. They stripped us of all our clothes. Seven times I went through that ordeal. The first time was the worst. I could hardly bear it. I have never felt so cold, so miserable, so humbled in all my life. I said to my sister Betsy, “I...

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