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During the Bosnian Conflict, NATO forces were sent to assist matters in protecting the Croats from Serbian aggression.

During this conflict and while in faithful service, 29 year old United States Air Force pilot, Captain Scott O’Grady, was shot down on June 2, 1995, while flying his F-16 Falcon over Serbian territory.

For 6 days he eluded and evaded the enemy safely, until he was rescued. Though O’Grady’s personal courage and mettle carried him through, he said that it was the training that gave him the extra edge.

He had previously gone through a 17 day course at the U.S.A.F. Survival School at Fairchild A.F.B. near Spokane, Washington. It gave him the skills that he would unknowingly need in the future.

At the heart of his survival training course was this message:

"In order to stay alive and survive, you

must pay attention to what you have been

taught and rely on it, and your inner strength.

(Your will to survive!)"

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