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L.A. LAKER POWER GUARD A.C. GREEN is one example of a man who will stand for the truth

at all costs.

I knew A.C. during his rookie season with the Lakers. Like all rookies, he had to

endure harassment and practical jokes. As he started to practice one day, a teammate came

up to him and told him he had a phone call.

Later he told me, Tommy, I knew if I got that call, I would be late to practice.

That phone was a long way away, and if I were late to practice, I’d be in big


Trouble meant extra laps after practice. But being a naive rookie, he thought,Well, maybe I’d better get it.

Off he ran to answer the call. He picked up the receiver ... sure enough ... nothing

but a dial tone. Sprinting back, A.C. said to himself, “They got me. I can’t believe

it. They got me good.”

When A.C. burst through the door, practice had already started. The players laughed, “Ha, ha, ha, look at the rookie! Hey, A.C.! Did you get the call?”

“Yeah”, he nodded, embarrassed. “I got it all right.”

Magic Johnson...

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