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The 5-year old had been missing all night. When his mother had looked out yesterday afternoon, she no longer saw him playing in the yard as he had been doing fifteen minutes earlier. Had he been abducted? Had he wandered off? Soon she and her husband, the neighbors and the police were all searching. It had been a long, horrible night.

But at 10:30 the next morning, a neighbor found him in a nearby woods, cold and crying and hungry, but unharmed. He had wandered off and fallen asleep hidden under the leaves. When his mother and father saw him they ran and hugged him and didn’t want to let go. Being able to touch him meant so much. Touching assured them that he was really there. Their dear son whom they loved was really there.

On that first Easter night Jesus appeared to his disciples and invites them to touch him. Luke tells us that Jesus said, “Look at my hands and my feet. It is I myself! Touch me and see” (Luke 24:39). The following Sunday Jesus invites Thomas to touch him. Jesus wanted his...

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