6-Week Series: Against All Odds

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strike first, strike fast, strike hard -

Illustration: For years many Karate schools taught this philosophy. In competition these opponents are the easiest to read. They become proficient at initiating a number of specific combinations that lead to quick victories. But there are inherent weakness that become obvious when the match doesn’t end quickly. Time and again I have seen their frustration level soar off the "fun meter" as they loose their concentration and usually their composure. In contrast more and more schools are teaching methods that focus on your ability to take the negative things directed at you and redirect them safely away. The methods I most appreciate are those that take it one step further by considering the opponents safety as well. As Seth prepares to demonstrate one of many techniques we teach at Highlander Martial Arts, I want to introduce another concept we call "full circle liability", a term coined by Tom Patire of CDT International. This term means that as Seth takes control of the attackers arm, he is assuming responsibility for his attackers safety. Seems odd, doesn’t it? Someone throws a punch at you and you’re worried about his safety. But remember, a Christian response is more interested in maintaining a relationship with Christ and the other person than they are about winning the conflict. In this case, Seth has decided that putting this person on the ground in a safe fashion will do more for his relationship with him than getting hit. So watch as Seth decides to "turn the other cheek". Now that happened quickly, so we’ll let you see it again a bit slower.

1. Seth sees the direction the punch is coming and moves just enough to not be there when it arrives

2. To redirect this negative energy approaching him, Seth brushes the fist away and takes control of the arm by trapping the wrist

3. Next, he assumes control of his assailant by taken him off balance

4. Finally, Seth moves both he and his assailant to a safer location where they can work on their relationship

5. Now that he has a captive audience Seth decides this would be a good time to share the plan of salvation with his new friend.

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