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A couple of years back, Susan, Esther and I flew out to Washington DC to spend time with my mentor for two weeks. One night after dinner at my mentor’s house, both Susan and I raced to the kitchen sink to do the dishes. When I beat Susan to the dishes, my mentor’s wife made the comment, "I guess Dana won."

Susan and I didn’t understand what she meant by that, because we thought the one who ends up not doing the dishes was the winner. Then she explained to us that we were racing to the dishes and away from Esther.

Both Susan and I laughed because her insight cut through our superficial servant’s spirit. It was true, both Susan and I wanted time away from Esther. We loved Esther, but when you spend an entire day playing with a child, you don’t feel you’ve accomplished much. When you get done with the dishes, you can at least see your accomplishment.

Fathers and mothers face this same temptation everyday. We are tempted to choose what offers immediate reward over what offers delayed reward. But fathers generally give into this temptation. Fathers are seldom ready to invest into the family, because we don’t see the rewards right away. So we spend enormous amounts of time and energy at our work to earn the raise and the praise from our supervisors and clients.

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