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Someone tells about a man with a psychological problem. This man walks around all day believing that he is dead. His family is tired and frustrated by his delusion, because dead people don’t contribute to the living. To solve the problem, the wife of this man set an appointment with a psychologist.

After reasoning with the man unsuccessfully for 45 minutes, the psychologist came onto an idea. The psychologist asked the man, "Do dead people bleed?"

To which the man replied, "Of course dead people don’t bleed."

The psychologist then took a needle out of his drawer and stuck the man in the thumb. A red drop of blood began to form on the man’s thumb. With eyes wide open, the man exclaim, "Well what do you know, dead men do bleed!"

The miracle of the church is not that Christians don’t bleed. Christians are still human, and when you stick us with a needle, we will bleed. When we lose someone we love, we will cry and experience confusion. When someone wrongs us, we will get angry. When we get old, we will die

The miracle...

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