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Brian Bill tells this story:

This past week, I was grazing through the channels and came across a so-called “Reality Show” called, “Fear Factor.” I couldn’t believe my eyes. As part of the competition, the contestants had to eat moldy cheese covered with live maggots! It was really gross. Some of them refused to participate in this segment and others gulped, swallowed, and almost heaved on national television. I think only two were left standing (I’m not really sure who won because I was so nauseous I had to leave the room).

As I thought about that show during the week, it struck me that this is a picture of all the things we try to cram into our lives. They might look good, and even taste delicious, but compared with what Jesus wants to give us; it’s nothing more than a bowl of moving maggots on moldy Limburger.

We want to conclude our service this morning with a different kind of meal. One that tastes much better. The...

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