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A poem by Pastor Clinton Meininger from his book "Springs of Living Waters"tells us of the mysteries of life. He says:

"All around me, Lord of life,

My world is tumbling in.

There’s nothing sure and nothing safe

From gossip, greed and sin:

And yet, I know Thy pardon, Lord,

and thy forgiving power;

And through the storms of life each day

Thy truth sustains each hour.

Oh, help me climb above the storms’

That beat men down each day,

And glimpse a bit of haven on earth

Along life’s burdened way.

Help me to know Thy nearness, Lord.

I cannot walk alone!

So let me feel Thy guiding hand

Through every path unknown.

I do not want to know the goal

Of what tomorrow bring;

One step, one hour, one gleam of light

To make my spirit sing.

And I shall walk through mist or rain

Through storm or summer’s day,

If I but know You’re by my side

Along life’s changing way."

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