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Illustration of my Model Building Class.

I had an interesting week this week teaching a model building class. I had a bunch of students ranging in age from 9-13. I became a little frustrated with some of them this week when they refused to follow directions and as a result they where always confused and lost in building their models. Sometimes they would do it wrong and say “I am missing parts!” I would bring them back to the directions and say did you follow directions “No they would say I skipped that part.” I would point them back to the right step and they would say “Now I get it!” and proceed. Others would say, “My models messed up, it’s defective.” “No” I would say it’s because you skipped steps 1-3! GO back and do it right. Amazingly when they followed directions the model looked great. When they did not they got lost, frustrated, upset, discouraged, and some wanted to just quit. All because they refused to follow the directions and work the process through as designed by the blue print.

Through out the week I learned to repeat “You must commit to reading and following the directions, because you cannot be a model without following the directions.” One kid said to me,” This is hard!” I said, “That’s why you have to commit to taking it one step at a time, But the key is you must be committed to following the directions and to doing it right for it to turn out...

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