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A long time friend and associate of Billy Graham was Chuck Templeton. He worked with Billy Graham in Youth for Christ in their early days of ministry. Chuck Templeton helped organize Youth for Christ in Canada.

But over time Chuck Templeton became an Agnostic and renounced his faith in Christ. He left the ministry and managed two of Canada’s leading newspapers.

Lee Strobel, now teaching pastor at the Saddleback Church in Southern California, was an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. He had received his attorney’s degree and was a committed Agnostic. Through his wife influence and the Willow Creek Church in the Chicago area Lee Strobel came to a personal faith in Christ. He has written two outstanding books, “A Case for Christ” and “A Case for Faith.”

Lee Strobel read one of Chuck Templeton’s latest books, "Farewell to God: My Reasons for Rejecting the Christian Faith." He decided to fly to Toronto to meet Chuck Templeton, now 83 years old, and interview him. In their interview Chuck Templeton vigorously defended his agnostic rejection of a God who claimed to love, yet allowed suffering across the world to go unchecked.

Then toward the end of their time together, Strobel asked Templeton point-bland how he felt about Jesus.

Instantly, Templeton softened. He said, “In my view He is the most...

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