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At the time of his death, this man’s work appeared in twenty-six hundred newspapers worldwide, and was the basis of a franchise earning $1 billion a year. Since its modest debut in just seven papers on October 2, 1950, his comic strip became a constant feature of daily life for nearly fifty years. Ironically, this man’s work should have never been noticed. He learned his trade through a correspondence school and earned a C in “the drawing of children.” The tall, skinny outsider at St. Paul High School was a lousy student who’s only hope was that his gangly cartoons would be accepted for print in his 1940 senior yearbook. The annuals went to press without the drawings. Though discouraged, the fledgling artist was undaunted in the pursuit of his dream. Through determination and perseverance, Charles Schulz fulfilled his childhood goal and Peanuts became the most...

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