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We have this little boy at church, Seth Keown, Seth is 6 years old and plays PeeWee football.

Our son is the coach of the Packers. Our grandson Matthew plays on the same team with Seth.

There are only two teams in this league, the Packers and the Titans.

The Packers have yellow jerseys and the Titans have blue.

The Titans are a much bigger team in size than the Packers, and thus won every game.

We drove to Brownsville for this week’s game, every week prior the Titans stomped the Packers.

Seth’s team, the Packers had lost every game.

This Saturday Seth got out of their car with a different attitude.

Seth had on his number 44 yellow uniform. As Seth walked away from his Mother,

I watched him. Seth had his shoulders spread eagle and his eyes sparkled.

Seth walked right up to the star of the Titans, the biggest blue Titan player,

Seth came up to the bigger boy’s number on his jersey, Seth look right at the big blue star, and

Seth made a declaration to the biggest player.


Seth turned and walked away.

Seth came to this game with a different approach than the other games.

Well, I thought this was really cute, this little boy went to Goliath and stated a new attitude,

but I feared another lost. I knew there was no way the Packers could beat the Titans.

BUT THEY DID! The Packers won. Seth was right.

At the end of the game, it was Packers 14, Titans 6.

Seth’s new approach was infective, contagious to the other players.

I heard my son, the Coach, say, Boy’s I prayed for you this week --- the prayer was not just to win,

but for a new approach to the game.

Last Saturday, in Brownsville, Kentucky was the TOY BOWL. The Titans coach had never lost

a TOY BOWL. Seth and the Packers took the field, they were behind, loosing most of the game.

With two minutes to go, the Packers scored a touchdown and took the lead, and won the TOY BOWL.

As a bystander, I remembered back to the day, that Seth climbed out of the car, saying,

the Packers are going to win today. At first, Seth was just saying this to himself.

But later with a boldness, Seth walked up and told the Star Titan, WE ARE GOING TO WIN TODAY.

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