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If you’ve ever seen the movie “Schindlers List,” you might remember a clandestine wedding that takes place one night in the barracks. The marriage is between 24-year old Joseph Bau, prisoner number 69082, and Rebecca Tannenbaum, the manicurist of Amon Goeth, the ruthless Nazi who ruled over the camp in which they were held, Plaschow Prison Camp.

Later, the Nazis decided to close Plaschow, and move everyone to Auschwitz. Oscar Schindler had gotten permission to open a munitions plant in Czechoslovakia, and was determined to take his workers with him. Late in the game, because of a favor owed her by some prominent local Jews, Rebecca got to add a single name to the list of people who would be going to the munitions plant. She got to save someone—and she chose Joseph.

What is even more amazing about this story is that they both survived the war, were reunited, and lived to be married 54 years largely in part because Rebecca was willing to sacrifice herself, so her husband might live.

Jesus did the same thing—he sacrificed Himself to add a name to the list of those who will inherit eternal life. Put the beauty of Jesus’ story is that he adds more than one name to...

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