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Blow the trump and ring the bell;

Dress it up and make it sell;

Fill it with the rich and well;

And count the heads.

We’re doing well!

But where’s the faith?

Read the creed and get it right;

Hold it fast with all your might;

Close the door and bolt it tight;

We’ve no need for further light!

But where’s the faith?

Build the church and make it grow,

Cushioned pews in classic row;

Made for comfort we love so.

Come in, relax, enjoy the show!

But where’s the faith?

Like James said, that’s a whole lot of religious activity, but it’s not saving relationship of faith with our Lord Jesus Christ. But…

In the sickroom on the bed –

Invalid, helpless, but not dead

Hear her praying through the pain,

"May my suffering be your gain."

There’s the faith.

Here a loving mother gives,

With all the reason that she...

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