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The founder of IBM Thomas Watson says: "The way to succeed is to double your failure rate." Or as Thomas Edison said "There is only one good idea in 100 so I want to discover the 99 failures as quick as possible."Here is a personal evaluation question: Do I view failure as an opportunity for growth in the kingdom or as a personal indictment? Just think about these things for a moment. Every 9 sales calls will only bear 1 sale. It takes 9 times of hearing the gospel in a variety of 6 mediums before someone typically responds to Christ. Do you realize that 6 successful people have 9 times more failures than unsuccessful people. Roughly 60% of all basketball shots made don’t go in. 25% of all batters make it to first base. In an oil company, only 10% of oil wells drilled hit oil. For actors, only 1 out of 30 auditions turns up in something that is of value. Two out of 5 investments...

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