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Here is a bowl of fruit salad for you!

I always make fruit salad for Christmas, it has been a family tradition for many years.

While at home, my Mom and Dad always received a lot of fruit for Christmas.

We would always make fruit salad out of the fruit and top it with marshmallows.

Apples were always abundant.

My Mom’s battle with cancer was near an end, it would be her last year with us here on earth.

As Mom was carrying the bowl of fruit salad to the refrigerator, and in her weakness

she dropped the whole huge bowl of fruit salad.

She started crying and was embarrassed that she had dropped the bowl.

I hugged Mom and told her that was all right, we would make another bowl.

I was cleaning the gallon of fruit salad from all over the floor.

As Mom cried, she said, Son, we often get mad at people who spill things, parents get mad

at little kids for spilling things, a wife gets mad at her husband for spilling things, and sometimes spills

are a part of life.

I replied, Mom, you are right, sometimes we spill things, and wish we hadn’t, but it does not matter,

let’s laugh, clean it up, and make some more.

I ran to Winn-Dixie and bought more fruit, and we came home and made another bowl.

The whole family joined in, and making the second bowl was much more meaningful than the first.

We laughed and laughed remembering Christmas’ passed. The spill pulled the whole family together

to encourage Mom.

When it was all over, Mom hugged me again, and said, Son, you are a good son.

I hugged Mom back and told her she was a GOOD MOM.

I guess, I am wanting to tell you, if you spill something, don’t get mad, laugh, CLEAN IT UP,

and try again.

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