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In Preaching Today, Leith Anderson wrote the following.

“My family and I have lived in the same house for seventeen years. We’ve lived there more than twice as long as I have lived at any other address in my entire life. I’ll sometimes refer to it as ‘our house,’ but more often I refer to it as ‘home.’ What makes it our home isn’t the address or the lot or the garage or the architecture. What makes it home is the people.”

“You may live in a bigger or newer or better house than we live in, but as nice as your house may be, I would never refer to your house as home because the people who are most important to me don’t live there. So what makes home home is the people in the relationships.”

“And what makes heaven heaven is not streets made out of gold, great fountains, lots of fun, and no smog. That all may be well. Actually I think heaven is far greater than our wildest imagination. The same God who designed the best of everything in this world, also designed heaven, only he took it to a far greater extent than anything we’ve ever seen. Yet that’s still not what makes heaven heaven. What makes heaven heaven is God. It is being there with Him” (as quoted in Larson, p. 120).

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